Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Ship Has Come In!!!!!!


This is our house.  We purchased it in 2006.  There was a reason we left WV and moved to Maryland... and this house.  But that story will come later.  

In late October we decided that we'd refinance our house so we could take advantage of the lower interest rate.  Quick n Loans sent an appraiser out and they went over the house and came up with an appraisal that was significantly lower than what we owed on the house already.  Grrrrrr.  It's because of other homes in our area that have been foreclosed on.  It brought the value of our house w-a-y down. No refinance for us. 

An interesting tidbit of information came from the appraiser though:  A previous appraisal showed that there was a basement beneath the house.  What?  We didn't know about a basement.  I wish!!  

After scouring the house and beating on the carpet covered floor with a broomstick, suddenly Gary heard a 'bonk'  in an area underneath the carpet in the adjoining apartment.  "This sounds hollow!" he said.  "This is it! I think I found our basement!"  

Last night Gary decided it was time to rip the carpet up and do some investigating.  
(He should have been an archeologist).  

I am afraid of spiders - they give me the creeps. So I sent him down and dropped a light down with him. 

I could hear him spitting webs from his mouth and I was sure glad I didn't go down.  Then I started hearing things like, "Wow!"  "You got to be kidding!" and "Unbelievable!" Then he said, "Bobbi... I think our ship has come in!"

The house was built in 1942 and I would have to say that this cellar was probably stocked around the same time.  

We found treasures GALORE!!!

(Below)But THIS was the Treasure of all TREASURES!!!

And look what was inside!!!!

AND THEN!!!!  Look WHO!!!