Monday, October 24, 2011

Life and Lessons

Some of the best lessons I've learned in life.

* Never pass judgement.   There is only one Judge...  and He knows the heart.  He is worthy to judge, and I sure am not!   

* Forgiveness will give you a peace within.  Carrying bitterness and anger in your heart will only hurt you.  Forgiveness is more for you than the other person.  Really.

* Like who you are.  If you don't...  then try to figure out what it is that you don't like about you, and change.  

 * Positive, happy people will lift you up!  Set aside some time each day to spend with someone who will lift your spirits.  Even if you have to find them in blog-land :-)  

* Laughter is really the best medicine.  

Dear Diary,
Shh...  mom went to get a cookie.  I'll finish this for her... 

*  Dog is indeed mans best friend.  Everyone should have one.  And they should feed them lots of cookies and chicken and chew bones and beef jerkey and  uh oh...  here she comes back...  dummm dee deedummm...         Gracie.