Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UpDate on Abused, Duct taped Dog

I'm sorry - No good news to report.  The dog is still running wild and the duct tape is still over his mouth.  There were reports that it was over his nose as well, but some say it's just his mouth.  Some of the reports say that the tape has loosened a bit and that he is able to bark a little.  The humane society has set safe 'traps' with food, hoping to lure him in and save him.  The problem is, many people are leaving food and water out for him and he is opting for that instead of  what is in the trap.  I'm not sure if he can eat or drink anything, but I'm sure he's probably trying.  There have been people who are coming very close, within feet... but he is afraid and runs away.  There is someone hoping to adopt him if and when he is recovered... so please, pray and send good thoughts to the rescue of this poor pup.  My heart is breaking for him/her... 

If you want to follow the search more closely, here is the facebook page!/QueenCityAnimalRescue