Friday, July 3, 2015

What About Me?

I've seen Mom and Dad bring home some strange stuff from yard sales...  but what they drug home today takes the cake!  

I knew when they turned him over and started rubbing his belly that Butterscotch and I would be vying for pack position in no time at all.  

"Oh Gracie, we are just checking Butterscotch's batteries," they said.  Yea, right.   

Mom said he was cute and Dad said he would have to spend some time working on him because he wasn't moving the way he should be moving.

I told Dad that I don't move that well anymore either.  What about me?

Butterscotch made some neighhhh sounds and started jerking his head to the left.  Pretty lame if ya ask me.

Mom said the kids will love him.  Whatever.

Mom wants me to be friends with Butterscotch.  I have enough friends.  I don't need one more.

But what I do need is for Dad to check my batteries.  And hey, Dad, while you're at it can ya rub my belly?