Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Dog and A Broken Heart

Dear Journal,

Tuesday morning something called an ambulance came for my Pappy.  He spent the night lying on his kitchen floor in pain, trying to avoid the inevitable and trying to hold onto me as long as he could.  I tried to get a piece of the men that came and took my Pappy away, but someone held me back.   I listened intently as the siren faded into the distance and then I hid in the closet.  Now, I sleep in Pappy's chair. 

Pap was always by my side and never went anywhere without me.  Why did Pap have to go?  But then again,  I know why. 

I'm so glad I was able to get his Christmas present to him before he left. 


PS  I sure wish my cousin Gracie and I could get along.  I could be a part of her family.  But she is a B*%@* of a dog ....  if ya know what I mean. 

yup.  that's my Christmas present to Pap.  A 20 X 14 Canvas

And my letter to my pap for Christmas:

NOTE:  my brother Jimmy is not gone yet, he is still in the hospital.  It is likely that he will not come home.  Thank you for your prayers!!!!  Bobbi