Monday, January 3, 2011

Mondays Mug: Tweet, tweet

Mondays Mug: North Carolina

Passing through North Carolina en route to Florida a few years ago... 

I just had to stop for a mug :)

What better time than now to tell you about the realistic singing bird from the Audubon Society that I found last year at a yard sale for a dollar. It tweeted and moved it's head... just like a real bird.  (Shhh... he didn't know about it)  It was just about the time Gary had decided he was going to take up bird watching as a hobby.  He put up bird feeders and I got him a book for his birthday so he would become educated on the different species of birds that his bird feeder was attracting.  

I placed our little plastic friend on the bird feeder ledge outside of our bedroom window the next morning and waited.

Soon Gary called me into the bedroom.  "You have to see this!" He said.   I could hardly contain myself as he pointed out the petrified, singing bird that sat on the feeder refusing to fly away. 

Our birdie friend found a permanent place on top of the kitchen cabinets guarding the mugs... so I thought I'd include him in todays post.  

"Tweet, tweet."