Monday, January 11, 2016


There once was a window
Beside of my chair
But she moved my chair
away from there

My chair she took
And moved it away
And put up a village 
For kids to play

The kids they would play
Yes, they'd play all day
With that village and train 
and the mess was insane

The whistle and smoke
of that miserable train
Left me scratching my ears
and feeling such pain

But I hid underneath
My refuge I found 
There I would hear
those awful train sounds

But I liked my hiding place 
and now it is gone
for she took it away 
and now.  my chair.  is back there.  by the window.

I do not like change
I have told her before
But she moves this n moves that
and changes things all the time and it makes me say.....