Thursday, September 16, 2010


Okay, so I'm guilty of passing judgement on Mr. Bird Watcher ... a little geeky fellow from my early adult years that I would see every day as I drove past his house on my way to work.  He'd always have a clipboard in hand and he'd look into the sky,  check his clipboard then gaze back into the empty air.  I was pretty sure the man was over the edge. 


Very strange.  

Forward thirty years.  Where'd this guy come from?  

Gary has his tripod set up by our bedroom 
window in front of his hummingbird feeder.  

4 cups water
 1 cup sugar 
Bring water to a boil, turn off stove. 
 When water stops boiling add sugar and stir till clear.  
Let sit till cools then fill the feeder.

This gives him hope.  

Maybe he'll catch a glimpse of his favorite bird.  

All of his efforts have been paying off.  

And I've learned that we're all special in our own way.  Some of us are yard sale enthusiasts and some are bird watchers. 

 It doesn't make us unwell. 

 It just makes us unique.