Monday, November 26, 2018


I have a blogger-related frustration going on right now.  I will leave deep, detailed comments on blogs that I visit only to have them disappear and never posted.  It is frustrating because I love visiting my friends blogs and the way to communicate is through comments and ... well... you get the picture.  It's really weird because some blogs take my comments and some do not.  

So as I try to figure out that dilemma, I will share a little of my Thanksgiving day with you.

This was not my year to cook (every other year) so Penn Alps was the restaurant of choice for this year.  The wait was about an hour but well worth it.  

During the waiting, there is plenty to do.  Like shop, or as you can see by son #2's photo below...  read a book.

Our group gathered as we waited ~ laughing, talking, anticipating good food soon.

And not to disappoint, Penn Alps served up one of the best Thanksgiving dinner's I've ever had.  Yes!  It was delicious!!  And I did not have to slave away in the kitchen the day before or clean up afterwards.

Talk about being thankful!!

There is so much to be thankful for, indeed.  And on this day, we tend to stop and think on those things.

  I hope you, too, had a blessed day!

All this talk of turkey and cake...  and all I got was a lousy bowl of roast beef and some time alone at home.  I've marked my calendar for next year.  Turkey at our house!!!  Period!!  ~ Gracie

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Checking In

Been busy with life with not much time for blogging.  But let's catch up a bit.

How was your Halloween?  Us old folk just kinda hung out at home and enjoyed the wee ones stopping by for some treats.  

The neighborhood was flooded with kids knocking on doors and begging candy.  So we thought we'd join in the fun.   What do you think?  Am I retirement-worthy yet?  LOL **See video below** 


Snow has come to our neck of the woods ...  early- much.  Not a fan.  But Gracie and I are here to report that we got 11 inches.  Boo!!

Dance rehearsal time ...  and Rissi was the star...

Gracie decided she wanted to be a rock star for Halloween.  She asked to sing her beloved Samson a song...

Where Are You, My Samson

Samson, I miss you.  Haven't seen your sweet face in so long,
That is why I made up this song.
California fires are raging and I think about you every day,
For you, your mom, and Faith - I continue to pray.

So Samson, be safe... I'll wait for your return,
You've been absent too long but patience I must learn.
I know you're alright...  you're my one and only
Come back to blogland soon - So I won't be so lonely..

Your Gracie

Next topic:  Our Karate kid.  She was happy to get her new belt...

And speaking of new...  the hubby got...  a new car.  Well, almost new.

Halloween lingered...  and a warewolf showed up at our house one night.

I smell Jake

My new neighbor gifted me a gift certificate to have my nails done.  We are so blessed to have such good neighbors.  So during Summer's sleepover with us, I took her along for her first manicure.  She was excited!

Sorry this was such a random post...  I wanted to get something on but didn't have much time to think about it so this is what you get!

I am very anxious to slow down after Thanksgiving and start visiting blogs again...    Missed you all.