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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Death and The Lies

my dearest fall

how I abhor you
but not totally, you know
you are a beauty to behold
dancing around
soft breezes scattering those pieces of me that could not withstand your bitter revenge
as you try to make a show of your power
your strength
your ability to kill and clear away all that once was
my laughter can no longer be heard
the pull of peace puts distance between I and my warmth
and you
how can I forgive you
that you have murdered me
the days darker now
night sooner
cold harsh bitterness  to follow
I abhor you fall
my death is on you
but I will resurrect
and you will go away
and my friend spring shall usher in my glorious days once again
bringing smiles and sun and joy
and then you can rest
forever if you like

- summer

Dear Diary,

Evvvvvvry body gather round.  The side show is about to begin.  Graccccccie has become home for some fleas and Ms. Annoying (my new name for HER), using Dawn dishwashing liquid (ahhhhh choo!!)  (and q tips and tweezers) has decided to make THIS a daily event!  Watch as Ms. Annoying plucks fleas off of the innocent, elderly, **disabled dog who can barely make it up on to the bed by herself yet alone roll over for her (Ms. Annoying) to search her belly for fleas.  Woe is me.  Woe is me.  Gracie.

 ** disclaimer: All  recently posted blog entries where I am photographed running and jumping and laughing like a pup at the tennis courts have been photoshopped so that Ms. Annoying's bloggie followers think that I am of impeccable health and can withstand all the miserable cruel things she puts me through**  

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