Monday, May 2, 2016

Pretty Sad

 Saturday before leaving the house I checked on my baby birds.  You know.  The ones outside of my office window that we saved by plugging up the leaky rain spout so they would not drown.  The babies were gone!  They were not ready.  It was not good news.  As I wondered what could have happened to them, I found one lying dead on the porch floor beside the door to my office.  The other one was nowhere to be found.  I had a sick feeling in my stomach and almost cried.  I hate not being able to save the little babies.  

You do what you can do...  and leave the rest to God.  And what is to be will be.

A couple of weeks ago a lady stopped by my office, quite impressed with Anvil our front yard ape.  So much so that she wants to include him in her publication of Off-168, a magazine featuring local tourism information.  The magazine is available in all State of Maryland Welcome Centers.  It's published 5 times a year according to the seasons.  She features animals a lot and she wants to do a story on Anvil, though he's not real.

Today she stopped again and informed us that she has decided to break her 'tradition' of only featuring live animals on the front cover.  Yes!  Anvil has been chosen to be the first 'unreal' front cover animal on her publication.  She wants him dressed patriotic and so   tonight we went out to find some accessories that will make Anvil's claim to fame stand out and send people to National Highway in search of the big gorilla.  Stay turned!

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was Dad's birthday.  It rained.  Mom and dad felt sorry for me because I kept looking depressed (lack of walks makes me that way).  And so they took me in the Buick.  First to the pet store where I smelled pig ears and chew bones and lunged at a couple strange looking humans.  Then it was on to Tractor Supply.  More good smells.  I'm pretty sure you're allowed to pee on the floor there, so I'm not sure why mom made such a big deal about it and a person I did not know showed up with towels to wipe it up.  Guess it's not okay after all.  Well, when we got home mom and dad left right away to go eat at Wasabi.   Without me.  I pooped on the floor while they were gone.  My bad.  Gracie.