Saturday, February 23, 2013

on Shopping.

Sharing my Facebook post for tonight.  This was my day.

Bon Ton Aggravation Take Ten: When you wait all week to take advantage of your $50 off of $100 coupon and you carefully and painstakingly select just the right bargain for the day and after half an hour of comparing prices and making sure your final merchandise will be accepted for coupon use you stand in line for 20 minutes holding 4 heavy skillets and your $50 off coupon and the 96YO cashier is talking to the customer in front of you about all the great buys she is getting today and how she can even save more if she digs into the bottom of her purse and finds yet another coupon that is lost there and then she talks about some other things that are of little importance to her job and your hands and arms start shaking because the pans are heavy and finally another cashier opens another register and says I will take the next customer here and you go over there and ask can I use this coupon and she says sure you can and then she scans the skillet and says sorry, this is an exceptional value but it didn't say it was an exceptional value and who can read that teeny tiny print on the back anyhow and then she scans the other pan and says sorry, another exceptional value so you rip the coupon up and toss it in the trash on the way out and swear you will never shop there again.