Tuesday, February 9, 2021


FUN FACT #1  Vanetta.  

33 years ago, while pregnant with Lindsey, I did weekend 'work' sitting with an elderly lady in Frostburg.  She was a lovely lady and I enjoyed going there early and getting her out of bed, helping her in and out of the bath, making her breakfast, and then sitting with her and chatting as we shared sections of the newspaper.  For Christmas, she gifted me with a silk gown to wear in the hospital when I had the baby.  About a week before Lindsey was born, I cried so hard I thought for sure it would send me into labor, as I visited Vanetta at the funeral home.  I would miss her terribly.

FUN FACT #2  It's a girl.

I already had 2 boys.  Of course, I wanted a girl.  We all wanted a girl.  So God gave us a girl.  Okay, so that's a fact you already are aware of ....  but still...  back then we did not have the convenience of knowing the sex of the baby before birth.

FUN FACT #3 Steak Dinner

The hospital provided a steak dinner for the lucky blessed parents.  I was puffy and exhausted, but that steak dinner was really good.  All in honor of our new baby.  I cannot begin to describe my joy.

FUN FACT #4 A Room in the Hall

Our little 2 bedroom house already had the boys in one bedroom and husband and me in the other.  So, we did what we had to do.  Baby's nursery was in a part of the hallway.  Note:  In order to embrace joy and contentment, do the best you can with what you have while working to improve.  A couple years later, Lindsey would have her own room.

FUN FACT #5 Happiness

They say that happiness comes and goes in ones life.  Well, when I brought this little bundle home with me, the happiness stayed for a very long time.  I did not have the means to buy nice outfits or costly bows.  But I had a girl!  And that meant girl bling!  So I cut some things up and wrote on some stuff and made me a little valentine.  Note:  Doing the best I could with what I had. I had very little.  But I had everything!

FUN FACT #6  A Friend

A girl in the house meant a friend for me.  She was then, she is now.

FUN FACT #7  Best Mom

My little bundle of joy grew up to be a far better mom than I ever was, and I am thankful for her!