Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Happy Birthday Post

What does being 65 mean to you?

Being an official senior citizen gives life a whole new meaning.  I can now speak my mind, and defend my obnoxious behavior easily.  I'm old. 


Wrong answer!  

Okay then.  Let me try again.  Older means *hopefully* being wiser. Having learned from my mistakes I can share my *wisdom* with others that are younger who have not been there and done that as I have. 


But who listens these days.

Enough of deep thought.  Let's get sentimental now.  Many years ago my mom gave me this card and I was delighted to run into it the other day as I was sifting through old photos.  She sure did love giving those $2 bills out! 

Let's go way back now.  To where innocence lived and complaints were minimal.  Because we had little, we had much!  See the outhouse in the background standing between my 2 sisters Rita and Angie?  We were thankful for that outhouse, until the day Mom ran into a snake inside.  An indoor bathroom magically appeared off our kitchen months later.  Thanks Dad.

Me (age 5), Rita and Angie

Memories are great.  But so is present time, even if it is spent social distancing.  My birthday this year was filled with love -  -   from a distance.

Some of that love came through FaceTime.

Oh, and one more memory before we go.  This showed up on my facebook page:  Awe.  Love my grandkids so much.

Sixty-Five came in quietly, was covered in joy, and ended with Gone With The Wind on the big screen in our living room, just the hubby, the dog, and me.

Just an old lady and her dog