Saturday, January 9, 2021

2020's Diary of an E-Bay Package

 I'm not one to want to sit around for long.  I like to go-go-go.  And, I like to know where I'm going and when I will arrive.  It's how I roll.

So, December was quite a troubling month for me.  

Destination:  Sorrento Florida

12.9.20  I'm in a dark place.  Wait.  It's a mailbox.  Cumberland, Maryland.  Looks like I be doin' some traveling this Christmas.  Can't wait to get there.   I'm wearing my Sunday best and riding USPS Priority Mail.   Woo Hoo!  Sunshine state, here I come!

12.10.20  Pick up.  On my way.

12.15.20  Whew!  That was a long ride, and with so many stops.  My place of deliverance:  USPS Facility in Baltimore, Maryland.  I'm being processed.  Guess I'm getting old, cause these trips are wearing on me.   

12.16.20  I am departing the Baltimore, Maryland facility.  On my way.... 

12.16.20  I'm now in Hyattsville, Md.  It's taking a lot longer to get there than I thought it would.  I was thinking 3 days max, but I guess traffic is heavy.

12.30.20  Someone must've slipped me a mickey.  Last I remember I was being processed in Hyattsville, Md.  I am now in Merrifield, Va.  and I'm being processed once again.  I feel violated.  

12.31.20  Another road trip.  This time I'm in a USPS Facility in District Heights, Md.  Confusion is setting in.  I'm road-weary.

12.31.30  Wait!  So I'm departing from the Merrifield Va facility again.  How'd that happen?  

12.31.20  I'm back in Hyattsville, Maryland.  Say what? Ain't no wonder I'm feeling lightheaded.  I'm going in circles.

1.7.21  I've been weeks on the road and I'm visiting the same places over and over again.  I am back at District Heights, Md. ...  Feels like Groundhog Day.  Or Twilight Zone.  Willoughby.  Next stop, Willoughby.

Almost a month on the road, with no end in sight....