Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Saying Goodbye

 I'm tired of dying my hair.  I have been seriously considering letting it go gray.  Picture below is 2 months worth of no dye. I know, I know.  You say you don't notice any gray, right?

Ummm...  Take a closer look.

 I am sure I will have a weak moment and then it will be darker again...  and probably sooner than later.  I did pick up some 'sale Preference by LoReal' at Rite Aid on Sunday.  LOL.  

Another thing.  Today I had a 'revelation'.    Well, maybe it was a thought that just hit me.  Or maybe God was speaking to me in His ever-so-mysterious way.  Whatever the case, I made a decision.

You see, I have an addiction to sugar.  I used to think it was chocolate that I was addicted to, but I'm pretty sure it is sugar. 

I have been doing some research.  Coming from a family of diabetes and heart disease, I believe it would serve me well to be more careful about how much sugar goes into my body.  

Do you have any idea how much sugar I eat in a day!  A lot!  

So I am kicking my sugar addiction once and for all.  

Bye-Bye Sugar!

I want to be young and vibrant like my husband:

He reminds me more of his late father every day ;-)

We are really enjoying our summer...

And Gracie hasn't had one single flea yet