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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Saying Goodbye

 I'm tired of dying my hair.  I have been seriously considering letting it go gray.  Picture below is 2 months worth of no dye. I know, I know.  You say you don't notice any gray, right?

Ummm...  Take a closer look.

 I am sure I will have a weak moment and then it will be darker again...  and probably sooner than later.  I did pick up some 'sale Preference by LoReal' at Rite Aid on Sunday.  LOL.  

Another thing.  Today I had a 'revelation'.    Well, maybe it was a thought that just hit me.  Or maybe God was speaking to me in His ever-so-mysterious way.  Whatever the case, I made a decision.

You see, I have an addiction to sugar.  I used to think it was chocolate that I was addicted to, but I'm pretty sure it is sugar. 

I have been doing some research.  Coming from a family of diabetes and heart disease, I believe it would serve me well to be more careful about how much sugar goes into my body.  

Do you have any idea how much sugar I eat in a day!  A lot!  

So I am kicking my sugar addiction once and for all.  

Bye-Bye Sugar!

I want to be young and vibrant like my husband:

He reminds me more of his late father every day ;-)

We are really enjoying our summer...

And Gracie hasn't had one single flea yet 


 This is the hard part.   The watching as she falls in her own bowel movements.  The watching as she staggers around, trying to find her way...