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Monday, April 16, 2012

Just me.. 'n Gracie

copying from Ginny's blog:

About Me from A to Z

A.  Me:  when I was little I was Afraid of the dark.
      Gracie:  Antsy.  someone! Take me for a walk!

B.  Me:  I used to be extremely Bashful.
     Gracie:  Bad to the Bone (or so I'm told).

C.  Me:  Cautious
      Gracie:  Curious

D.  Me:  I've always loved Dimples.
      Gracie:  I like Dragging mom along with me on my walks.

E.  Me:  I had Eye surgery on both of my eyes when I was in second grade.
      Gracie:  When it's hot,  I don't have much Energy.

F.  Me:  I have flat Feet.
      Gracie:  Food.  'nuff said.

G.  Me:  I find walking in the Grave Yard to be peaceful.
      Gracie:  Wally Gator.  My best friend and enemy.

H.  Me:  I Hate it when one person hurts another!
       Gracie:  Hotdogs.

I.  Me:  I get Irritable when I'm without chocolate for too long.
    Gracie:  Mom gets Irate when I lunge at guests.

J.  Me:  I'd be lost without Jesus!
    Gracie:  I can still Jump on the bed but sometimes I need help.

K.  Me:  Addicted to Krispy Kreme.
      Gracie:  Does not understand why I am not allowed to indulge in Krispy Kremes.

L.  Me:  Good Listener.
      Gracie:  Loves to Lunge!

M.  Me:  Been Married 2X.
      Gracie:  Making plans to chew mom's other sandal... (shh)

N.  Me:  Never been on a cruise.
      Gracie:  Lives with a Nag.

O.  Me:  Optimist
      Gracie:  Opinionated

P.  Me:  Have a hard time swallowing Pills.
      Gracie:  There are too many rules here.  I feel like I'm in Puppy Prison.

Q.  Me:  Usually too backward to ask Questions.
      Gracie:  Want to Quit my job of watching the house.

R.  Me:  I do not like to be referred to as Religious.
     Gracie:  I love to Run!

S.  Me:  I like my pretzels Stale.
     Gracie:  I love to play with Skunky!

T.  Me:  I write better than I Talk.
      Gracie:  Tired of watching the house.

U.  Me:  I don't like to have anything Underneath my bed.
      Gracie:  I like to hide Under the bed.

V.  Me:  I take a multi Vitamin every day (chewable)
     Gracie:  Vermin - gotta watch for 'em.

W.  Me:  My 1st Wedding gown cost $3 at Goodwill and was brand new from Kaufmans.  My 2nd was $10 at a bridal sidewalk sale.
      Gracie:  Walks - the reason I live!

X.  Me:  X - a great Scrabble letter to have...
      Gracie:  to Samson:  XOXO

Y.  Me:  Went to church camp when I was in Youth group...  back in the day...
      Gracie:  Ya got any cookies?

Z.  Me:  ZZZZ...  time for bed.  Nighty-night.
      Gracie:  I dream of going to a Zoo and barking at big dogs.


 This is the hard part.   The watching as she falls in her own bowel movements.  The watching as she staggers around, trying to find her way...