Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Not Time Yet

Hubby's sick, so I made Chicken noodle soup.  The best I ever made thanks to the Rainbow cookware that I picked up at a yard sale this summer.  This cookware is hard to find, and the last time I checked on Ebay the lids were going for over $30 and they weren't even new.  This cookware was new in the box and I got it all for $20.  

Cooking on high is a no-no with this cookware.  You start cooking on medium heat, and turn it to low when steam begins to escape...  then the lid seals and the food cooks leaving all of the flavor & vitamins inside.  

The flavor is out of this world good!!

A few days ago Hubby gave me this cute
 card in honor of us  
 not being able to go on 
a real vacation last year....   

And today I got something in the mail.  

Oh, I do wish I could tell you what it is.  

But it's not time yet.  

Dear Diary,

I'm just about finished my peanut butter chew bone from The Three Dog Bakery.  Mom says I'm not supposed to eat chew bones - I'm supposed to chew on them.  
What planet is she from?  
Chew - eat... what's the difference?
Now that Mom's feeling better, Dad's sick. The flu? A cold?  I'm not sure.  They're tossing a lot of words like that around. I had to keep checking on him today to make sure he was okay.  
 A dogs work is never done.  Gracie.