Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Opening Day

It felt weird hearing the radio guy talking about us from the little transistor radio as we sat, waiting for the phone to ring.  
"visit gary and bobbi today at All About Hearing... grand opening...   blah blah blah"

We were dressed and ready for our big day.  But it was quiet.  

Suddenly a tinge of fear swept over me and a thought of nobody ever walking through the doors became a reality.  I'd lose my house and my car and Gary would lose his big screen TV.  Gracie wouldn't do well on the streets.  

What had my positive thinking got me into?

Then in walked Earl, a former Miracle Ear customer who'd found us!  He wanted his hearing aid checked out.  Yes!!  A free service - but at least we'd be busy. 

When he was on his way out the door, another couple were on their way in.  A test and a sale!  And then another!!  If you enlarge the above picture you might be able to see our half page ad that went in the paper yesterday...  

The phone began ringing, and appointments were scheduled...  All in all, I'd say our opening day was a success.

Thank you, my friends for your continued support.  I appreciate it more than you can know!!!