Friday, October 1, 2010

Springs Festival Goodies

I loved today.  

When I handed my time sheet in for the week it said ~~~

 October 1 - Vacation Day.

Springs Folk Festival 2010

I had $83 cash when I left the house and I vowed to spend it.  All of it.  

First stop > The first of several fabulous yard sales.

Then on to the Festival.

The smells were phenomenal.  Kettle korn, maple sugar candy, homemade bread, apple butter, smoked sausage, smoldering wood....  

Fall was in the air...

Even Gary was having a good day... :)

I couldn't resist. I had to have a bit of everything.

And every time I passed the Mennonites making bread, I had to have just one more piece of that  
Oh-so-wonderful bread!

Me?  Happy!

Gary? Hungry!

Hot vegetable soup warmed us up.  

 Following the path through the woods, there was so much to see and smell.  

 These flowers were made from wood.  We watched the guy as he shaved back pieces of the wood to create his works of art...  
Gary saw that I was interested and he surprised me with this little basket.  LOVE IT!!

 The dishes were one of the yard sale buys.  Brand new Corelle English Breakfast pattern... Service for 8 with many extras - only twenty bucks.

No, this is not spaghetti. 

It once belonged to these guys.

I returned home with $7, new dishes, new tupperware cups w/ lids for the kiddies, new tupperware lunch container, homemade bread, maple sugar candy, kettle corn, nic nac's, seasonal towels, lollipops, beef jerky for Gracie, handmilled glycerine soap (Good Karma,Vanilla Almond Oatmeal, and Ginger Rasberry), lots of pictures, a few extra pounds and a belly ache.
Next weekend it's the Bedford Fall Fest.  Can't wait to do it all again!