Saturday, May 5, 2012

Let's Get Away. Part 2

I had never been to a winery before.  This one has a unique story and is beautiful!  Day 2 of our mini-vacation included visiting  Shelton Vineyard for a tour and wine tasting experience.

We got caught in some pretty heavy storms during our new adventure...   but it was fun.

We enjoyed hearing about how 2 brothers, Charlie and Ed Shelton purchased this land at an auction in 1994, with no idea as to what they'd be doing with the land.  It was just a few miles from where the brothers grew up.

 The grounds are meticulously kept and breathtaking.

 I love the cool musty air, and the earthy, sweet smell inside  where the wine barrels are kept.

For a little over $500 you can purchase a barrel and have an inscription put on it.  The barrel stays in the cellar and houses wine for up to 5 years before the barrel is turned over to it's owner.  (minus the wine, of course).  During that 5 years, a case of wine is shipped to you each year and at the end of the 5 years you have to go to the winery to pick up your barrel.

We learned a lot that day.

 And as we tasted different types of wine and learned about the planting and harvesting of the grapes and how the wine was made, I discovered port wine was my favorite.  A little more expensive, and a little more of a kick...  

The tour concluded at the wine bar downstairs, where we then decided which wine we'd take home with us.

We then ventured over the bridge to the Harvest Grill Restaurant, also a part of the Vineyard,  and settled in just in time to watch another wicked storm outside...

It was a great day.

But for some reason...  we couldn't stop thinking about Gracie..  and then she showed up in the clouds...

Do you see her?