Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Yea. That's Right.

Spring is in full swing.  The sun has finally decided to warm us with its presence.  

Just weeks before summer will officially be declared...  and all yard/deck/gardening work will come to a grinding halt.  Oldies will blast from Gary's man cave speakers in the back and likely you will find him floating in the pool just about every hot day in the early afternoon.  

And the little ones will have their time of fun in the sun too.  We have new pool toys and new outdoor activity 'ideas' to keep them busy when they visit.

I'm working on a new list of scavenger hunt idea's for the beach in August.  Coming up with some pretty far out stuff.  I'm laughing already.  I'd like to say I can't wait.  But I do not want to wish my summer away so let's just say I'm looking forward to it!

The Top 10 Uses for A Doggie Bed
by Gracie Phillip

10.  So others will look at she who purchased it and say... "Ahhh what a nice mother to buy her dog such a luxurious bed".

9.  Hide toys underneath it

8.  Hide cookies under it so if you are starving from not being fed by your owner/mom/person you can go there to retrieve nourishment to keep you alive.

7.  Look at it with disgust because you do not belong in a doggie bed, you belong in a king sized human bed.  In the middle.  stretched out.

6.  Great for wiping your mouth after a dinner of chickie bird that proves to be a little on the greasy side.  (mom needs to learn how to cook healthy meals).

5.  To annoy the humans when they trip over it.

4.  To anger the humans when you refuse to use it after they pay sixty dollars for it. (I've heard that sad tune way too often.  Give it a break mom.. you're such a nag.)

3.  To get in mom's good graces  I just jump in and snuggle up and soon I hear... "ahhhh look Gracie is using her bed"...  Sometimes If I play my cards right there's a cookie shortly after..

2.  Decor.  It looks like you really love your dog if you have a doggie bed for her.

and ...

the number one use for a doggie bed issssssss.....

1.  To sleep in.  Or under.