Friday, September 28, 2012

Bad Girls

A few things...

   we sold our old white car.  it was only sitting with a for sale sign in it (in our yard) for a couple of days and some guy came by yesterday, drove it, and offered cash on the spot.  it had sentimental value for gary... since it was his dad's car and it was left to him when his dad died in '06.  

but it's time to move on.

and i just love my new car!   but!   note to self: don't forget to close the moon roof before getting out of the car.  yep.  you guessed it...  and yes, it did rain.  my car has been christened and I'm thankful for the leather interior.

 we've been out the last few evenings.  visiting the grand-angels.  and shopping for a new king sized bed.  we're trying to find something that will go with our bedroom furniture so we don't have to get a whole new suite.

i say a king bed (vs. queen like we now have) will make a big difference and gracie will sleep in the middle.  gary says it will make no difference at all and she will still be 'stuck' to our sides no matter how big the bed is.

we'll see.

Dear Diary,
It had been 2 nights in a row. No walk.  And as a matter of fact, mom and dad disappeared.  Where were they?  Why was I not getting my walk, I asked myself.  I was torn between missing them (hence dad's slipper in the middle of the floor)

and getting even (hence the days mail not far from dads slipper).

And then...  the lecture.  I'm glad my Samson likes bad girls.  Gracie.