Thursday, November 18, 2021

Back In High School

 Today Daughter called and asked if I would go pick up 14 YO granddaughter from school.  There was a schedule change that Granddaughter was not comfortable with - so she needed rescuing.  I felt like a superhero.  I jumped into my sporty baby blue Elantra, and off I went!  

As I reached the mountains just before getting to the school, the skies darkened, and the wind picked up.  Into the school parking lot, I drove.  Why all the police?  At least a half-a-dozen police cars were scattered, and the place was crawling with uniformed police officers.  Okay.  So, I was just a little concerned.  But there were students with signs too.  Maybe a protest?  

As I exited the Grammy-Mobile, I was taken aback by the intense wind gusts and leaves stinging my face.  A more diminutive grandmother would never withstand such a beating.  The strong wind gusts pushed me to the front of the building, and a student going inside instructed me to press the button, and the higher-ups would unlock the door and let me in.  

The front desk ordered me to go to admissions to sign Granddaughter out.  There was a slight wait.  Only one person is allowed in the office at a time.  Something was amiss.  The secretary was on and off of the phone.  The only words that resonated with me was fire drill.  Fire drill?!  Oh no.  So, I gave her Granddaughter's name, and she made a call on her phone to have her come down.  


Beep~ Beep~ Beep~ Beep.    EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY!  The loudspeaker spoke.  EXIT THE BUILDING NOW!  So, I was thrown in with many other kids, and we were exiting the building.  Now.

Outside, the wind had escalated, and the leaves were angry - filling the air.  Kids were filing out of the building and lining up.  I'm like...  What the...???  I hadn't signed up for this.  All I wanted to do was sign Granddaughter out and take her home.  A little anxious, my super-hero cape began to break loose and I started to feel just a bit light-headed.  Where was Granddaughter?  

 Daughter was texting me from her work.  Are you there yet?  Have you left your house?  Blah, blah, blah.  Granddaughter is texting me too.  Are you here?  Where are you?  Blah, blah, blah.     BEEP*BEEP*BEEP* EMERGENCY*EXIT THE BUILDING.  WIND HOWLING.  LEAVES TWIRLING.  POLICE CARS. LINES OF HIGH SCHOOL KIDS.     

And then.  

The band starts playing.  The emergency was beginning to be fun.  The band was inviting a more festive ambiance.  Without my knowledge, other participants had integrated me into a fire drill/pep rally thing.  Not one person had prepared me for this.  I was back in high school and wished I had worn my ripped jeans and done something with my hair.  If I didn't have to take Granddaughter home I could try and blend in with the rest and enjoy the pep-rally.  

I found Granddaughter and announced to her peers surrounding her that I had permission to take this beautiful girl home.  She stormed to the car then, reporting to me that I had embarrassed her in front of the other kids by making the statement I made.  I smiled.  "It's what we do," I said.  "It’s a grandparent’s job."  

Granddaughter inconvenienced me.  I embarrassed her.  Now we are even. Haha!  We are good 😊