Friday, October 22, 2010

I Don't Understand

Dear Diary,

Have I told you about our laundry room/garage?  I like to follow Mom over and snoop around while she does what she has to do over there.  

But when the lights go out, I high-tail it back to the door. 

'right behind you Mom' 

 I've been locked in there once already.  
I was scared.  It's dark in there.

Tonight it's granddaughter night.  That means I'm de-throned for about twenty-four hours 
  .... forgotten about... completely! 

 Yep.  And that's what happened.

And I got locked in the laundry room/garage.  
For about twenty minutes.

"I want my Mommy"

"Somebody, please get me out..."

I don't understand.  Gracie.