Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Foot of the Bed

Dear Diary,

I'm allowed one spot, one teeny tiny area at the foot of the bed to sleep on.  I went to lay down in my spot last night and ouch, eech, oooch...  something was poking at me and I leaped up to mom who was lying in bed reading a book.  'Gracie, back down where you belong!' dad says.  It was a restless night, let me tell you.  I was up and down, turning around, doing the jig..  and all the while mom's like..  'Gracie, you need to settle down.  What is your problem!?'  Oh, and get this...  when mom went to look for her glasses this morning she couldn't stop laughing ~ because she found them laying on MY SPOT ON THE BED!   Funny, she doesn't see the humor in it when I leave my bones on her side.. nope... not at all.  Gracie. 

Found this sweet bib at a yard sale Saturday.  Lindsey says I should stop buying clothes for the new baby because she has enough.  I just can't help myself.