Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bunny - Pip Banquet

Dear Diary,

Today Mom cleaned the house.  She said she hadn't cleaned it since before her surgery and that there were dust bunnies the size of my head.  Really?  The vacuum cleaner is annoying to say the least and it was running for over an hour.  Geesh.  Can't a girl get any sleep around here?  

Anyways...  at the first smell of Mr. Clean, I started to sneeze.  I hate it when she brings that stuff out.  Then to top it off, she started spraying something called Pledge all over everything.  Aaaaa chooo!  

And that's not the half of it.  She spied me sitting in my chair, guarding the house and minding my own business and she said,  'Gracie, you're filthy!'  I knew I was in trouble and before I knew it I was being scrubbed down in the tub.  Then the blow dryer.  I can't begin to tell you what a terrible day I had.  

So I just figured... since I'm all cleaned up 
with no place to go...

I'd sneak out and go to the Bunny - Pip Banquet.  I heard Oprah was there, and she has a Cocker Spaniel don't 'cha know.  That would be half of what I am- hence the word Cock-a-poo. I need to unwind.

  Shhh... don't tell Mom but at this very moment I am dancing on the piano stool.  She probably won't even miss me. Gracie.