Friday, December 21, 2018



Gary got two packages today.  I know that one box is a part of my Christmas present from him because it says Candy Kitchen on the outside.  I requested chocolate nonpareils from there.  What I don't know is that the second is a Christmas gift for me as well.  He brings it into the room and throws it onto my lap.  An early present.  It's a pair of socks and my Gracie's picture is all over them.  "Thank you so much!"  I say.  "I love them! But you should have waited till Christmas."  I try the socks on and they fit just right.  I put them in my sock drawer for a special occasion.  


Gary:  Remember the package that Stacy said had been delivered yesterday?  (Stacy is his daughter and she had sent him a package.  Tracking said it was delivered yesterday but we assumed it was delivered to the wrong address.

Me:  Yea.

Gary:  It's the socks.

Me:  The socks?  Wait.  What socks?  My Gracie socks?  You didn't buy them for me?

Gary:  I guess not.

Me:  How can you forget if you bought them or not?  

Gary:  I thought I did buy them.  Maybe.  Possibly.  I could have....  Ummm..  I actually saw them online, does that count?

Me:  Seeing them does not count.  So then they are your socks?

Gary:  Yea.

Me:  *laughter*  *more laughter* * lots of laughter*  So they came, you saw them, you liked them and thought - huh - I must've got these for Bobbi?

Gary:  I guess so.

It is official.  Gary's memory is just a tad bit a lot worse than mine.  BURN!!!!!!!

Nice socks though, eh?