Monday, October 31, 2011

The Princess and the Pup

Update:  Holiday Inn Express did charge my credit card but they are giving me a 'raincheck' so they will take that amount off of our stay there when we finally do get to go to NJ.  
That's fair.  

Tonight is Trick or Treat night aka Halloween. 


I have so many fond Halloween memories.  

And now...  new memories are being made.

When Trick or Treater's knock on my door I get a rush of excitement and run for the door with my big bowl of candy...

The kids around here are so polite.  They take one piece and always say "Thank you".  I tell them, "Grab a handful..."

And I always tell them they look awesome.  

I wish we would get more...

Because it's so much fun to see the excitement on their faces.  And it brings back so many wonderful memories of my own.

I miss my grandson Jake being here this year.  He's with his other grandparents in WV.  But I'll get to see him later this week.

Another Halloween night behind us....

With warm and fuzzy memories ~ stored away.

Dear Diary,
Gracie... get out of the way I'm going to trip over you ~ she says as she runs for the door with my bowl of snacks in her hands and then she gives them away to strangers who are knocking at our door and trying to scare us.  Gracie, you can't have chocolate.  Gracie, leave Rissi alone.  Gracie go lay down.  Gracie, stop barking.  Gracie give me back that Tootsie Roll and bag of m&m's...  Now!  Stop!! Drop 'em!!! These are the words of a controlling, nagging mom who really should mind her own business.  I think the Princess would be more than willing to share her bag of candy if the nag mom would just hush up.  Gracie.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What? No Refund? Well That Doesn't Seem Right.

We have snow!  

Of course we do!!  

The last time we planned on going to visit Stacy and Vinnie In NJ and going to Atlantic City, Hurricane Irene kept us from going.  The hotel "Holiday Inn Express in Absecon, NJ" kindly gave us a refund on our reservation.  I think it was because they were evacuating.

This time, Jason (Gary's son) and his girlfriend were going to meet us there too.  Gary was so excited to be seeing his kids.  We had plans to go out to a really nice place for dinner, and then to the casino for a while.  

This morning we woke up to snow, snow, snow.  We began our trip anyway, but turned around and came home.

The Holiday Inn Express said, "No way!  We cannot refund your money within 24 hours". 

 But what if it's not safe to be driving?  
"No,  no refund for you!" 


Below you will see some video of my complaining husband and the conditions that we were driving in as we headed back home and sucked up the $55 for the rental car, $30 in gas to fill the rental car, and $99 for the room.

The music is compliments of a radio that
we never did quite figure out.  


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trick or Treat... Don't Touch Me or I'll Take You're Hand Off!

17 Reasons Why Man Woman Should Never Take 
His Her Best Friend Trick or Treating.

by Gracie Phillip

1.  Said dog may just have some socialization issues and feel inferior around others of her kind.

2.  Dog may feel embarrassed by silly outfits that dog is forced to wear.

3. Dog may take offense when others of her kind who are also dressed in silly outfits feel the need to be too friendly... if you know what I mean...

4.  Dog may feel left out when mom woman decides other dogs are cuter than said dog.

5.  Said dog may become flustered and irritated when headpiece of goofy outfit becomes mussed.

6.  Said dog may be afraid and want to go home but woman insists on looking at other cute dogs and talking to people.

7.  Dog may become intimidated and fearful of evil devil dogs that lurk around every corner.

8.  Said dog may have bad memories of Veterinarian Hospital in spite of the treats and decorations throughout and in each room and around every corner and said dog may try to bite every kind sneaky hand that reaches out to give it a treat shot and said dog may remember the vet that put said dog to sleep and had his way with her as he now tries to reach out and kill pet said dog and said dog may snap at veterinarian and poop on the floor causing confusion and chaos amidst the festivities as vet runs for paper towels to clean up huge pile of nervous poop from floor.

9.  Said dog may have been told that she should avoid skunks at all cost.

10.  Said dog may fall in love with tall, dark and handsome strangers... never to see them again.

11.  Said dog may be a little nervous about yet another stop ~ a pet parade at the mall, where she's never before been.

 12.  Said dog may be irate with woman because she got her to the mall too late for the judging of the cutest pet.   And she was sure she'd win!

13.  Said dog may feel anxiety and just want to go home.

 14.  Said dog may be forced to socialize despite her introverted ways.

15.  Said dog may have a reality check and realize that even if she would have gotten to the mall sooner...  there is one cuter than said dog...  Huh!

16.  Dog has to be face to face with cousin Opie who tends to be a little on the frisky side for said ol' girl.

 17.  Said dog is intimidated and reminded that young cheerleaders are so much hotter than old brides.  Humph.

Dear Diary,
Tonight I got Beggin' Strips and an orange bandana.  I'd rather not get into what I had to do to get them.  Let's just say, it wasn't one of my better evenings out.  Gracie.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Life and Lessons

Some of the best lessons I've learned in life.

* Never pass judgement.   There is only one Judge...  and He knows the heart.  He is worthy to judge, and I sure am not!   

* Forgiveness will give you a peace within.  Carrying bitterness and anger in your heart will only hurt you.  Forgiveness is more for you than the other person.  Really.

* Like who you are.  If you don't...  then try to figure out what it is that you don't like about you, and change.  

 * Positive, happy people will lift you up!  Set aside some time each day to spend with someone who will lift your spirits.  Even if you have to find them in blog-land :-)  

* Laughter is really the best medicine.  

Dear Diary,
Shh...  mom went to get a cookie.  I'll finish this for her... 

*  Dog is indeed mans best friend.  Everyone should have one.  And they should feed them lots of cookies and chicken and chew bones and beef jerkey and  uh oh...  here she comes back...  dummm dee deedummm...         Gracie.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Is it true what they say?  
That little girls are sugar and spice and everything nice?

And little boys are frogs and snails and puppy dogs tails?

...Could be.

When I look at our granddaughter and our grandson, 
I certainly see a difference.

When Jake, our 3 year old grandson, arrived last night for a sleepover... I couldn't help it.  My first thoughts:
Jake's stuffed puppy is rough and rugged and his blankie the same.  Just like him.

 and just the opposite of Rissi's soft and 
sweet pink blankie and bear.

Jake doesn't stay with us that often.  
And when he does, I'm reminded of why...

He's quick and busy and unpredictable.

Once in my office when he was visiting at Miracle Ear, he quickly grabbed a large piece of hard candy and when his mommy tried to retrieve it, he swallowed...  and the candy became lodged in his throat.  After paging every Sears employee who knew CPR and then calling 911, we pleaded with a then bluish Jake...  "Please, Jake...  breath!"  The rescue squad soon arrived and took him to the hospital to check him out.  My hands shook as I cleaned the puke from the  office floor, thankful that our boy was going to be okay.  

Another time when we were at the fair, his mommy and daddy went to get something to eat and put me in charge of the Jake-ster who was sitting in his stroller.  Suddenly he pulled himself out and started running into the thick crowd and I ran after him...  and yes, when this terror-filled old Grammy finally scooped him up she paddled his butt and put him back in his stroller.  "Now you stay there!" I screamed at him.  He'd never seen Grammy that angry with him before.  He folded his arms, and wouldn't speak... but he was safe, and I didn't care that he was angry with me.     

  It seems he always acts before he thinks. 

And while I'm drawing pictures of flowers  
and beautiful sunshiny days...  trying to convince him he should join me...  

He's trying to turn cars upside down...

But Jake has a soft side. 

 He has the sweetest personality
 and this morning when he woke up 
(at 6:30 am...  eeek!) 
 He climbed up into my chair with me and said, 
"I like to snuggle with you Grammy..."  
How can you not melt? 
 Even though the coffee's not kicked in yet... 
 and you're still half asleep?

And he sure was happy to bring me 
this flower he picked from outside. (below)

I love him with all my heart. 

 And he's ALL BOY!

Dear Diary,
The boy chases me, throws all of my toys on the floor, and won't share his pancakes.  He also calls me Teddy.  That's not my name. Gracie. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Little Strange Maybe?

I had  heard stories about Suzie, but one warm spring day I would finally meet her in person. 

It was early 90's and my almost daily visits to the assisted living apartment building where my mom lived, never happened without my 2  year old daughter Lindsey tagging along with her baby doll of choice.   Lindsey loved visiting Grandma.  It was warm in her apartment and it seemed that the sun brightened Grandma's small apartment even on the coldest and cloudiest of days. 

One day shortly after we arrived, Mom got a phone call from the man upstairs. 

No - I mean...  really - the man upstairs. 

His name was Oney.  He wanted us to come up to his apartment. 

Oney had cancer and according to Mom, he was a little 'strange' but very kind. 
He lived alone in his 3rd floor apartment.  Well...  he wasn't quite alone.  He did have Suzie. 

Suzie was a doll.

Suzie was his life. 

He spent much of his day in his rocking chair by the window, singing and talking to her...  and rocking her back and forth. 

A little strange, eh? 
Or maybe just different...  who can say.

When we arrived at Oney's apartment he kissed Suzie on the forehead, 
then he asked Lindsey if she would adopt her and take care of her. 

"I've watched you just about every day for the past year," Oney said.  "You get out of your car and walk to the building..  and this little girl always holds her doll tightly in her arms, taking such good care of it, sometimes talking to it and kissing it.   I know Suzie will have a good home with her." 

Tears filled his eyes as he watched us walk away.  He died several months later. 

  We painted Suzie's  nails and lips and put a wig on her tattered, matted hair.  Then we'd dress her, according to whatever holiday was close.

She was always 'hanging around' and she was loved. 

When Lindsey grew up, and didn't care to have her anymore...
and when she started getting in my way
 (and spooking me when she'd stare at me with those stone cold piercing greenish eyes),
we sold her on ebay. 

I guess there comes a time in our lives
when we must just move on. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh Poop!

Blogger has been a real pain lately and has kept me from visiting and commenting on blogs.  Yesterday it moved at a snails pace and wouldn't let me visit my own blog with much success either.  Today is a new day, and so far... so good.

Yesterday while Gary and I was walking Gracie, Gary commented on her # of poops.  

Gary:  Look at her.  I can't believe she's pooping again.  She just pooped in the yard before we left the house.  

Me:  She just wants to give me something to pick up.  

 *stooping down with my black poopy bag and 
scooping up a tiny, hard bm*

Gary:  Gracie, you're something!  

*We walk a few more yards.

Gary: Look!  There she goes again!!  Gracie, you don't even have to go.  And of course you have to try to squeeze one out right here in somebody's yard.  You're something!!

*Gracie throws Gary a dirty look... then continues her walk with her nose to the pavement*

Gary:  Unbelievable!  She's going again!!  

*Gracie crouches, trying hard...*

Me:  Gracie.  Really!!!  

*by now... I'm on my 3rd and last doggie bag.  It's obvious that she doesn't have to go...  she's just adding to the smell of others along the way*

*Her back legs are trembling as she tries hard to push one out.  Then... I think...  there must be something wrong*

Me:  Gary!  Look!!  There's something wrong.  

*I bend down and get a closer look and she looks pitifully at me as she tries hard to produce something.  But what I see is a tiny pencil thin bm along with a huge red oval shaped... something that had just come out of her.  My poor baby!!*

Dear Diary,
Mom says the leaves are pretty this time of year.  Maybe that's why her and dad took me for a walk tonight.  I didn't have to go (I'd already went... if you know what I mean) (as sophie would say... wink, wink!)  Anyways...  getting on with my story...  Mom says the leaves are pretty this time of year, but not when the big red ones are stuck to my butt.  She say's Amber de-weenie would appreciate this story.  

* FYI - Don't feel too sorry for the dog.  It was just a leaf stuck to her butt from her constant crouching.  She's fine*

Gracie:  Easy for you to say..  can we say...  humiliated?!?... 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Capturing the Moment

always take your camera along...

because you never know what might prompt 
you to pull off the road..

for a kodak moment...