Saturday, October 29, 2011

What? No Refund? Well That Doesn't Seem Right.

We have snow!  

Of course we do!!  

The last time we planned on going to visit Stacy and Vinnie In NJ and going to Atlantic City, Hurricane Irene kept us from going.  The hotel "Holiday Inn Express in Absecon, NJ" kindly gave us a refund on our reservation.  I think it was because they were evacuating.

This time, Jason (Gary's son) and his girlfriend were going to meet us there too.  Gary was so excited to be seeing his kids.  We had plans to go out to a really nice place for dinner, and then to the casino for a while.  

This morning we woke up to snow, snow, snow.  We began our trip anyway, but turned around and came home.

The Holiday Inn Express said, "No way!  We cannot refund your money within 24 hours". 

 But what if it's not safe to be driving?  
"No,  no refund for you!" 


Below you will see some video of my complaining husband and the conditions that we were driving in as we headed back home and sucked up the $55 for the rental car, $30 in gas to fill the rental car, and $99 for the room.

The music is compliments of a radio that
we never did quite figure out.  



  1. It is not right that they expected you to drive in that. I would write some letters and I would copy your blog post to them so that they know their stubborn/ridiculous attitude is costing them in the public relations dept.!!! Surely, they were not booked solid and you cancelling did not cost them anything!
    I am grateful that you both are safe.

  2. Oh Bobbi, I am SO sorry!!! What a disappointment!!! We got the snow, too, and it broke our lilac bush. We have both watched your video two times, spellbound. I would have been peeing my pants!!! How many hours did you drive, counting turning around? On the plus side, this adventure makes a DANDY scary Halloween post!!!! Oh, that radio station really adds to the lunacy of the whole video, we really had a laugh, they seem to play some of everything with no rhyme or reason!

  3. I agreew ith Maple Lane. Keep on going for that refund. Call the location and ask to speak to the manager, not a desk clerk. If they say no, ask who can say yes. If it is a district manager and corporate manager, etc. Keep on asking who can say yes. Keep getting names and numbers until you get what you want.

    Good luck.

  4. Oh my goodness!.. that snow is awful!... did you put those things on a charge card? You can always do a chargeback you know and leave them in the dust!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. I am so sorry, Bobbi.. I feel so bad for y'all! Your hubby sounds so frustrated..... and I am really sorry to say this when y'all were having such a bad time, but the music made it so funny!!! With the snow flying and the music going it was surreal.....

    And Y'all should have gotten a refund! that's only common sense when you could hardly see in front of you to drive....

    I hope y'all's weekend only gets better from here!

  6. Oh my goodness, Bobbi... NOT SNOW:( I hate it when they won't give the money back! Can't help the weather! I watched the video:) $200 and didn't even go NOWHERE:) Have a blessed evening inside your warm home, HUGS!

  7. So this crummy weather is YOUR fault??!! :-))) I had no idea the roads were so dicey!!! I'm so sorry your trip had to be cancelled, but I'm glad you're safe and snug at home--I know Gracie is happy about that!!

  8. Holee Molee...Did you moves to da North Polee and forget to tell us?? Mee was spectin' to see Santa land on your hood any moment! Sheeesh!

    Next time come dis way....We was in da 80's today wit sun puddles everywhere!

  9. Sorry to hear your weekend got ruined. I'm glad you turned back, rather than risk it. What a bummer that the hotel wouldn't give you a refund. We use Holiday Inn Express too and did not know that was their policy. Just plain wrong. My folks live near Fredrick, MD. So when I saw your video I gave them a call to see if they were okay. They planned on staying home, and have since sent me an email full of photos. Hope you curled up with a cup of cider and made the best out of a snowy day. Take care.

  10. That is officially a cold, snowy, Bummer-of-a-deal. I think you have some type of recourse for anything you have put on a credit card. So sorry your plans were foiled, but glad you are safe at home. BRRRRR!

  11. Jeepers,,, what kind of deal is this? It's just not right at all.
    There must be expections to their stupid rules!
    Tell the world- post it everywhere!
    But most of all.. we are happy that you are all safe,
    nitey nite

  12. You poor guys! Looked like not safe driving conditions! I would have turned around too! Its a shame the hotel didn't work with you a bit and refund your money! Just seems so early in the year for snow already!


  13. I guess that hotel didn't want your 'return' visit! Too bad for you guys. That storm looks really bad! Glad you turned back!
    We are getting it here now at noontime Sunday.....except it is rain (too close to the coast I guess). Is it blowing!!!

  14. Keep on their backs...the squeaky wheel gets......! Don't be embarassed just tell them to use the 2 CS's.....common sense and customer service. Rain is coming down like mad here!Phew I guess!

  15. BUMMER! But you are safe and that's the most important. Please read Samson's blog tomorrow, Halloween, I noticed he left a message for you!

  16. In spite of all the money you spent it was probably better that you turned back for home. Better to be safe then sorry!! I know Gracie was happy to be spending the week-end with your guys then alone!!!
    I am loving my high speed Bobbi!!!
    xx, Fern

  17. What a miserable weekend...I hope you all had power when you got home...warm thoughts coming your way.
    Madi and Mom

  18. Bummer on the early snow and definite bummer on no refund!


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