Sunday, February 27, 2011

Can You Overdose on That?

This day was overflowing with cuteness.  Can you overdose on that?  If so...  I'm in big trouble.  
After a great church service and a wonderful dinner at Warners German Restaurant, we went to visit my uncle in the nursing home.  

Then, (and this is when it gets good) we stopped to see both of the Grandkids.  I sure do miss them if I don't see them in a while.  

First stop, Jake...  who is quite the entertainer.  He read me two books.  Green Eggs and Ham, and Go, Dog Go, then he jumped into Gary's lap and hugged him saying 'I love you Pappy.'  What did I tell you about the cuteness?

 Then he sang this little song for us.

So then it was off to visit Princess Rissa.  She waited outside for us in her princess attire complete with crown, heels and a big smile.  Gary immediately started blowing bubbles...   Let the fun begin.  

Today was spring-like.  
Time to come out of hibernation.    

Who wouldn't love this day?

Dear Diary,

Gracie stay out of the mud.  Gracie stop smelling that other dogs poop.  Gracie it's gross to have your nose all over that fire hydrant.  Gracie stop picking fights with other dogs.  You act like you never get out.


I haven't been on a real walk all winter.  
Let me enjoy this, lady!  
This is what us dogs do.  

Oh, and thanks for the walk. Gracie.