Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dear Summer

Dear Summer, 

I know you're trying to say goodbye.  But I'm not wanting you to go.  I'll miss you.

 I'll miss the warm ocean breeze and the angry waves stinging my legs...

I'll miss the crystal clear days and the happy sunshine that always made me feel so good...  Nobody does it quite like you, Summer.

I'll miss quiet times on high mountains...  

And taking pictures of mysterious weeds during our nightly walk.

I'll  miss cute bare feet as they skip through green grass...  

  Oh, I know it's not time for you to leave just yet.  But your cool evenings and cooler mornings are indications that it won't be long.  

So thanks for everything.  I will see you again next year,
 God willing.  

Your friend,  Bobbi