Wednesday, March 4, 2020

"Uh-Oh, Bye-Bye"

Reminiscing to October when we 'fell backwards' into short, dreary days and looked ahead to gray skies, cold temps, and a long hard winter.  

Now here we are entering into the month of March and I ask myself, 

What do you think?  Looks like one of those Wizard of Oz - Come
alive with eyes, nose and mouth trees that can talk, right?


 Typical of all days, months and years in my mid 60's...  time is racing ahead of where I wish to stay a while and savor.  Yea.  Kind, treasured days are just miniscule when speeding down the road of life and all its happenings.  Here today, gone tomorrow.

In the words of a very wise, sweet 2-yr old of days gone by, 
(yea, Summer)

"Uh Oh - Bye Bye"

Today I invited one of my customers to bring his sweet Shih Tzu in from the car so I could see him.  A sweet doggie.  But when he suggested I take the pup from his arms and hold it, sweet little guy attacked me.  I was heartbroken.  The only dog ever who did not love me.  We concluded that his recent vet visit/experience likely made him apprehensive with strangers such as myself.

"That's what ya get.  Pay more attention to your own dog and stop with trying to win over every other dog in the world and maybe things like this won't happen."  ~ Gracie