Thursday, August 23, 2018


With so many great vacation moments it's hard to pinpoint the highlights...  but the live piano player in the lobby each night would most certainly be among the best.
Upon our arrival to the lobby the first night we were greeted with this song in honor of the shirt I was wearing that read "DOG MOM"

Requests were then taken and we were a part of a cool sing-a-long.  Love these old songs.  Music, Music, Music!!

The first night, this boy sat quietly beside me in a big overstuffed chair and he asked if he could play something.   Do you know how to play?  They asked.  He said he could play a little...  and he'd improvise.

All I can say is WOW!!!

And then the next night, a different piano player.  Mama Mia?  I requested.  And he got out his big thick book and played a mix of Abba songs that kept the girls (and the grammy) tapping their feet and dancing along.