Saturday, August 25, 2012

Magical Summer

There were summers...  many years ago...

that seemed to last forever. 

Things were different then.  The trees were fuller.  The grass was greener.  The days were longer.

There were picnics and there was bad-mitten.  Swimming and pretending.

I was a secret agent for a very high profile FBI agent when I wasn't spending time with my horse at Girls Club Camp or playing mumbly peg with my brothers and sisters.  What was real and what was pretend?  It didn't matter.  It was all magical.

The hot days didn't bother me then.  There was no noisy air conditioning, only a soft fan rotating and blowing warm air throughout the room.  Windows were opened and you could smell the fresh air if you put your nose up against the screen.

People weren't glued to their TV sets hearing the same news over and over again 24-7.  There was news at noon, six, and eleven.  Not too long after that, colored bars filled the screen and the TV was off the air till morning.

Other of my siblings might describe our childhood as poor and without opportunity.

But I had a black bear and a feisty tiger that could talk to me.  And I would dream of the day we'd all be famous.

Hope you're having a magical summer!