Wednesday, August 18, 2021

~~ Amazing Gracie ~~

 Thank you all so very much for the kind, comforting words following my last post. It means so much to me!  I haven't had much time to sit and write a post...  but I really feel the need to update.  It's hard sometimes to put words together.  

Our vet's diagnosis was a flare-up from her Lymes disease.  He gave her an injection and some predisone.  But still, she did not seem much better.  Another opinion was in order.  

Our girl Gracie is a tough one!  She is not yet ready to give up!  After a grueling couple of hours wait (half being in the car because of covid), Gracie received a very thorough exam and second opinion from vet #2.  He pretty much concurred with her regular vet in that her ear was still a mess, so he had it packed with antibiotics and told me to continue with her prednisone until it is gone.  While there, he found a large mass in/ or near her pelvic area, and for that, there is little hope.  He said she's as good as she's going to get.  But as long as she is comfortable and seems to be enjoying life, we will hang on.  I do not want her to suffer...  and so my prayer is that God let me know when the time is at hand.  She still loves to eat, follows me to my office multiple times a day for her fortune cookie, loves small walks and just being doted over.  The steroid has helped a lot, and she has been several days off of it now and is still doing well.  She no longer falls when going potty.  Some days she is more confused than others.  She will get lost in a corner or under a chair and wonder how to get out, and we will rescue her.  Sometimes she runs into walls or furniture.. gently...  but still.  We are committed to making her last days as comfortable as we possibly can.

We had a mini-vacation planned for last week, and my sister was going to stay with her while we were away, but Gary felt led to stay home with Gracie, and so my sister, daughter, granddaughters, and I made the trip without him.  It felt good to get away from the intense, sad, gut-wrenching day-to-day routine of watching, knowing my time with Gracie will end someday soon. 

My husband asked for one souvenir.  A bit of beach sand.  And so we not only took home sand for him, but Summer collected some of the sea for him as well.  A small price to pay for the great sacrifice (his) of sending us off on vacation without him while he cares for our girl.  

We are taking one day at a time, and enjoying each day, which is a blessing, with our girl.