Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Cootie Catcher and Innocent Dog

Summer has moved up in karate.  She took an intro course to the next level and she passed, moving her on.  The kids were given a list of 'integrity tasks' they had to accomplish and those who checked all off on their lists were invited to a board-breaking special event at kick masters.  There, our petite little Summer did indeed break some boards.

She had her picture taken then, with Master Rando, and made him a special wall hanging with their picture on one of the board's that she broke, with a message of thanks from Summer, and presented it to him.  He loved it!

We had some real nice days last week and were able to enjoy walks with Gracie.

But then the cold came back.  I'm glad it's not so cold that our trees are not blooming.  They are looking lovely.

I hope everyone is staying well and virus free!!!  Have you ever seen anything like this before!?  Kinda scary.

Summer says,  No worries.  She was successful in creating a very well-made cootie catcher and I think it might work for viruses as well.  Fingers crossed.

Remember the rabbits from earlier this month and the baby bunny that our sweet, innocent dog threw from the nest?  Well, all bunnies from the nest died.  Sadly.  It wasn't Gracie tho,  we had her tied so she could not get to them.  I'm thinking it might have gotten too cold.

"I didn't do it!"