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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Update

#1 Son is now at John's Hopkins Hospital.  He has an abscess (Crohn's related) and needs top notch treatment.  

After spending over a week at our local hospital, his doctor admitted him to John's Hopkins in Baltimore for further treatment.  Today was a CT scan and tomorrow will be a procedure where they will drain the abscess.  Surgery will follow... though they are not sure if it will be immediately after or weeks later.  He has been so very sick for so long, I'm glad for him to be getting the care he needs now. 

I think back to when he was five years old getting his tonsils removed and how he insisted on staying the night in the hospital with nobody with him...  (all by himself).  Now, so many years later, that same brave boy is a man...  but I can hear in his tone that he is lonely and sad to be so far away from family and friends....  all alone.   There is much power in prayer.  Please continue to pray and thank you!

Gracie, yesterday was your birthday.  How do you feel getting such special treatment??  toys, ice cream, special visits from family, and your trip to the tennis courts to run??  

Well, that old saying turned out to be true...
You're only as old as you feel...

Yesterday I turned twelve years old!!

But I felt like a pup!  Thanks y'all for the birthday wishes!!

It's me!  Yesterday!!  Really!!!


 Just thought you might like to enjoy a little Summer on this beautiful fall day.