Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Dogs Life

Dear Diary,

  'A dogs life' 
It's a cushy life if you're a dog... at least that's what they say.  All us dogs do is eat, sleep, beg food, play ball, and potty. 

Ha!  I'd like to know what dog that is.  Walk in my paws once...  see how a dog really lives. 

First of all...  I have a job to do every single day.  I watch the house.  It's not easy either, what with strangers walking up and down the road and buses, mail carriers, and other animals  lurking about.

And then, if one of your peoples get sick.  Guess who's nurse?  

A dog's work is never done.  Oh, it's not the keeping the feet warm or the face wet with kisses that's the hard part.  

It's the worry.  Will my people i.e. Mom or Dad ever get better and play ball with me again?

It snowed out today.  Just a few inches Dad said.  More later. Hmm.  I can't really be thinking of that right now.

Even though I'd like to go scamper about and forget all my cares...

I have a job to do.  And while I'm being nurse to Mom and helping her get better...

These guys have promised to watch
 the house for me.

Like I said before... 
 It's not easy being me.

But Mom says I'm doing a wonderful job and she's starting to feel better already.  Gracie.