Thursday, June 28, 2018


Seasons come, seasons go.  Years past, become memories - some good and some bad.  

We cling to hope and conjure up in our minds what we'd like the future to hold.  But truth be told, all belongs to time and chance, however if we pray long and hard enough our faith will see us through and life will unfold gently.

As we work hard to savor today and leave our legacy - we remember, we are growing older and more years are behind us than before us.

Sixty was the magic number for me.  I began to feel I was falling apart.  Where's the energy I once owned?  Why is my blood pressure so high?  I never used to have trouble sleeping at night.  Why can I not endure the hot, humid days anymore?  Why is it that I can consume a thousand fewer calories a day for a year and not lose any weight?  Why do I fear doctors and hospitals and blood pressure cuffs?  Why has my body forsaken me?


And why do bugs love me so?

I asked Gracie if she had anything to ad to this blog post of whining and woes.  Simply stated, her answer was this: