Friday, November 19, 2010

Anybody Else Doodle?

Before I worked at my present job, I was a CNA/GNA in a nursing home.  Many see this as a dirty and disgusting job. For me it was an opportunity to help older people in their last days.    This was by far one of the most rewarding jobs I've ever had.  I wasn't there too long... but oh, how I was blessed.  

  One night when I came in for my 6PM - 7AM shift, I was advised by one of the nurses 
'jim won't eat unless you feed him....  we can't be doing this here... there's too many residents and blah, blah, blah etc.'  I got the picture.  

I love old people.  Or at least I did.  Until I became burned out.  

The Old Geezer talks about burnout on his blog and I realized that I SURE AM>

Anybody else doodle?  Oh, this is nothing.  Doodle pad's are a big part of my office expense.  

It's not the nice people that have caused my burnout.  And it's not the honest ones.  It's the ones who come in after ten years and complain 'these hearing aids have never worked'> yet they did not come in for the entire ten years to have their free checkup, or 'i just took it out of my ear and it fell apart... it's junk' when obviously it was stepped on.

Doodling has become a nervous habit for me.  

When I talk to the disgruntled customers (the burn-out causers)  , I refer them to the many happy ones.  The ones who I love... who have become my friends.
I don't only fit hearing aids.  I listen to stories, talk about hip replacements, laugh at silly jokes, and wipe away tears.  

I don't like burnout, but I'm praying about it. 

Dear Diary,

No bugs but itchy skin.  Mom vacuums every single night and I hate the sound.  She yells at me if I lay down in the grass.  Whatever.