Monday, August 4, 2014

Gracie's Post: Why Mom Washed Her Feet In The Middle of the Day

It started out like an ordinary, boring day.  But then Mom mentioned that I would be going to see Dr. Fox.  This was reason for me to cock my head and listen more closely.  

It did not go well.  Dr. Fox's kitteh hissed and swatted at my face just because.  I was insulted.

Then, Mom made a scene.  

She sat on the bench above me yakkety yakking to another people-person and didn't notice that I was exploding with nervousness (if ya know what I mean)...

Paying no attention to her poor little anxiety ridden pup under the bench, she talked and she laughed and she rubbed and grinded her foot through the big ol' pile of poop that I dropped beside her foot.  Then, her misfortune 
became my fault

I confess, it was one of my bigger dumps.  

Half way through her 'clean up' as she was washing her feet with the wipes that were brought to her, I heard the man across from us telling her she missed some underneath her big toe.  (I had to laugh).  Flip flops + Dog poop + paying no attention to what is going on = one big mess.  If she were looking for someone to blame I would suggest she look in the mirror.

I was in no mood for her shenanigans, so when I heard her tell Dr. Fox it would be best to muzzle me from the get-go, I turned on all of 'em.  Mom shut me up just in time.  

Doc said I checked out just fine and I'm healthy as can be.  Then he gave me rabies.  Or a shot for them....  or something like that.  

Mom went home and washed her feet in soapy water.