Sunday, April 2, 2017

What Matters Most

Just like anyone else, I hate being sick.  Especially for over a week.  
And when it gets to be over a month I start to think wait a minute!  Am I ever going to feel normal again?  


But.  There are positives here.  

Like these beautiful flowers Gracie brought back for me during her walk with Dad....

And these delicious homemade cupcakes and soup from my girls.  The presentation was even better than the food.  Summer comes in with the container of soup wearing a big smile and says, "Soup from your Summer."  Then Rissi follows with her container, "And cupcakes from your cupcake."

Those girls!  They melt my heart!

And this.  A beautiful card from my guy who has been taking really good care of me during my sickness.

Who could ask for anything more?