Sunday, July 17, 2016

First, A Plan

 Taking three kids school shopping is not high on my list of things that I love to do.  "I'll need your help," I told Lindsey (my daughter).  

First the plan.  

My demands:

 Complete cooperation (stay settled and focus on the plan....  also stay in sight and do not wander off JAKE!  No complaints!  Do not be impatient/picky/obnoxious/hard to get along with MARISSA!  

We split up.

Lindsey and Summer teamed up and Jake and Marissa stayed with me.  

First Jake.  I was impressed with his ability to shop sensibly and his taste in style was Grammy-approved.  Good job, Jake!

Marissa next.  First thing in the basket was a jacket.  Fifty dollars??!!  I asked her if it was something she could not live without.  It was indeed something she could not live without, so it made it's way to the checkout.  It was on sale half price plus I got 30% off my entire order at Kohls.  Not so bad.  

Meanwhile in the girls section Lindsey had big success with Summer, who starts pre-K this fall.  Summer is laid-back and easy.  She loves everything girly.  She is a star shopper!

A new back pack for Rissi.  

A new pair of shoes for Jake.  

Then a toy for each for being such good shoppers.  Jake picked out a toy and shirt for his brother too.

And so ended our back-to-school shopping spree, 2016.

The older kids were oohing and aaahhhing as they watched the numbers go up on the cash register while checking out.  We weren't sure what our total would be...    I held my breath and Lindsey was looking a little unsure.  Riss and Jake were giggling, and being wowed by the increasing numbers.  The girl checking us out told the kids that their grammy must really love them to buy them all this stuff.  (She is right!)

It was okay.  The total was in the range that I expected and I got a nice chunk of Kohl's cash to spend next week.  

At 30% off our entire purchase it was a great time to shop!  And we shopped early enough that there were a lot of choices yet.  

I did not ask for the style show that followed, but it blessed my heart that these kids appreciated the clothes and that they showed me their appreciation by taking the time to model their new clothes before jumping in the pool on this hot summers day.