Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Awesome God

The year in review would be one spent mostly out doors.  If I were to do a year in review.

God has been more than gracious to provide the most lovely seasons for us during this pandemic.  Spring.  Summer.  And oh, the most gorgeous fall...  

The year has stung, that's for sure, in that vacations, church, gatherings, and family get-togethers have been a no-no - thanks to Covid.    

But God's presence has been huge, at least in my experience with this year.  I am finding Him and His peace even though the world seems to be falling apart around me.  My God is an AWESOME GOD!!

As Covid rears it's ugly head in  a very big way once again, numbers climbing and some urgent changes in how we do things, I stand on His love and His peace and His protection in all things.  

Gracie says, she concurs.