Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's About Life

Let's see.  What to write about.

It's raining.  It's January.  The days are getting longer.  And next month we will be able to say that the following month spring will arrive!

Gary and I are on season 6 of Mad Men.  It has turned out to be a very engrossing series...  The show takes place back in the early 60's and it's enchanting to go back in time and watch the drama unfold in the lives of these imaginary advertising agency people.

The men are all pigs and the women submissive, but slowly they are gaining their place in the world.  They all chain smoke and even chain drink.  The men cheat on their wives and think nothing of it while the women mind the children and keep the homes in tip top shape.  Kids crawl from the back to the front seat of a moving car without a care.  Women have a hissy-fit over the dry-cleaned dress that could have been left on the floor to get dirty but ignore the child that stands in front of her with the dry-clean bag over her head.  It is absurd!  But in reality, it was the way we lived back then.  We didn't think of the dangers associated with life led throwing caution to the wind.

Now you might ask, why would I be interested in such a corrupt, low-life bunch of invented individuals who put new meaning to the word sin?

Well.  Tucked deep within the story-lines of corruption and decay are lives of gentleness and love.  Ones who have good hearts and good works.  Kind of like how life is.  There are good people and there are bad ones and our works are a reflection of our hearts.  It's all a stage and we are the actors playing our parts.  Only it's the real thing.

I hate to see this series end, but when it does we will move on to another.  And then spring will be here and we will give the remote control a rest.

Gracie, how's it going with you?

So glad  you asked, mommie dearest.  You know that sound?  The music?  The depressing, deflating, awful music that fills the room when you and dad recline in your chairs with your bags full of cookies and the far-away look on your faces?  The sound has got to go!  It is haunting and stupid and ridiculous and could you pass me a cookie please...  n' then I'm headed for bed.   *Yawn*  Gracie.