Thursday, December 6, 2012

You Just Have To > Go With It

You know>  

When your daughter is seeing a guy you  don't think is the right one for her...

And then.  Those two words...  
"Mom I'm..."

And you have to guess 
the third word...  "pregnant?"

And Then...  a few years later... Same guy.  Same two words...

And you understand.  God has it all under control.  And you give your cares, worries about the couple's financial state, and doubts over to the One who created it all.  Then the blessing.

Our precious #3 Grand-Angel will be 1-year old this Saturday!   

I couldn't love anyone more..    Happy Birthday Buttercup!

Summer Maci

Dear Diary,  

I don't know what all the fuss is about.  According to Mom, Buttercup took a total of 7 steps yesterday.  Whoop-de-do.  I take that many and more every day of my life and I do not hear applause or get an extra cookie or anything close.  All I get is a 'hurry and get in here gracie, I'm tired of waiting on you' or the popular quip 'Gracie, what is your problem?'.  And another thing.  What's with this kid and the wanting to pull my ears?  I have to keep an alligators length away ya know... just in case.  Gracie.