Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Busy, Break, and Bushkill

Summer so far has been busy, busy, busy.  That's why a break in the beautiful chaos is needed.  

And while I'm away, I am going to try to catch up on all of your blogs...   

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer....

I know I am

Dear Diary,
First it was new furniture.  I kid you not.  The nag took away my good smelling well broken in green couch and blue recliner and replaced it with some of the most awful smelling brown furniture and ...  well...  that's not all!!!  No, that's not all!!!!  My bed!  The very bed that I slept so well on has been removed only to add a huge, gigantic, large, big, ginormous bed and now I have to search high and low to find Dad so I can curl up by his side.  This is not good.  No.  Not good at all.  There's talk of more new stuff on the way.  How much can a dog take!!!!   And that's not all!!!  Now I'm hearing the Nag talk about the V word.  Yep.  It seems that she is going to take MY DAD and go to the pocono's (wherever that is) and see her teenage heartthrob Mark Lindsay in concert(whoever that is) and go to Bushkill Falls (wherever that is) and have fun.  Without me.  How can she do this to me!  And leave me here all alone.  Well.  With Lindsey.  And Rissi.  And Summer.  So I guess ...  on second thought it won't be all that bad after all.  Cookies comes to mind.  Lots of them.  Later....  Gracie.