Monday, September 3, 2018

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Thanks to the colonel our labor day gathering was easy-peasy....

Chicken dinner thanks to he who cooked a fabulous meal for us...

The games..  oh those wonderful and fun games thanks to Marissa who has been planning for almost a year now.

First, a sundae challenge.

Create.  Observe. Judge.

And the winner is....  the team of Jake and Jack

Good job guys.  But Summer and I did win the toilet paper challenge.  Yes, I was able to mummify her in less time than the other teams (okay... so I had less to mummify... whatever. we still won fair and square)

Then.  The egg race.  Hurry hurry hurry... but don't drop the egg.

A lot of planning went into this day.  Thank you Marissa for the effort and all the fun!

Swimming happened too.  And baseball in the pool.  More fun.

Oops.  Well....  it happens...

And the trophy winner goes to JAKE GEARY!!  Yay JAKE!  
But we were all winners  and we all got medals.  Because we had fun.  We were awesome.  And we contributed money to St. Judes.

Yea.  Good day.  Good food.  Good belly rubs. *Yawn*  Good-night.