Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Time is marching on and each day brings a new adventure.  Ask Anvil.  He's being featured on the front page of the magazine "Off I-68" for the quarter.  He looks pretty excited, don't ya think?

While sifting through photo's to use for my post, I ran across a couple of the kids
 from several years ago.  


I miss rocking my grand babies.  Summer still allows me to rock her 4-year old self occasionally though.  It gets me through.

Daddy and Jasper

Spring has sprung and our walks have some lovely eye candy to behold in places.

I love dandelion's even though many refer to them as weeds.  These bright yellow wildflowers are beautiful scattered through the lush green grass.

 But.  Soon they become wishes.  And then they are gone.

Spring is showing amazing color this year.  We are planning a lot of fun things with the grandkids.  God willing, it will be a great summer.

Soon the rain will be done.  And the deck will get finished.  Soon.

Dear Diary,
It has rained for several years months days now.  I need a walk.  Bad.  Gracie.